Ben onlangs begonnen aan Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century van Geoffrey Parker. Heb het idee dat de boel nog wat op gang moet komen, maar tot nu toe al zeer interessant.

[..] changes in prevailing weather patterns, especially longer winters and cooler and wetter summers, disrupted growing seasons and destroyed harvests. This in turn brought hunger, malnutrition, and disease; and as material conditions worsened, wars, rebellions, and revolutions rocked the world. The fatal synergy caused by the crisis killed perhaps one-third of the world's human population. Parker's demonstration of the link between climate change, war, and catastrophe 350 years ago stands as an extraordinary historical achievement. And the implications of his study are equally important: are we adequately prepared - or even preparing - for the catastrophes that climate change brings?


A man dressed in traditional Perchten mask performs during a Perchten festival in the western Austrian village of Heitwerwang. Each year in November and January people dress-up in Perchten costumes and parade through the streets to perform a 1,500 year-old pagan ritual to disperse the ghosts of winter.
Laten we hopen dat het helpt. Ben nu wel toe aan lente, er lijkt maar geen eind te komen aan deze winter.. De foto komt van The Atlantic, over het gebruik van maskers in verschillende context.


De as van de vulkaanuitbarsting op IJsland zorgt voor aardig wat overlast in het luchtverkeer. En wat zijn de gevolgen voor de lange termijn? Misschien een nieuw jaar zonder zomer zoals in 1816?


This must be the strangest winter in ages. I'm still waiting for it to get started and all of nature appears to be in spring mode already. It's my birthday in ten days, and I remember last year, it was snowing around that time.

This reminds me, documentary An Inconvenient Truth is showing for free the coming weeks, in Trianon among others. I still haven't gotten round to watching it, so I might give the free viewing a go.


We moved offices yesterday. Timing could have been better, with the second heatwave of the year (wich hadn't happened since 1948) upon us. They even cancelled this years Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, since 2 people died from the heat.

On the right you can see a part of the map of Leiderdorp, where we're now located. If you click on it you can see a bigger version, also featuring my home and our previous location. As you might be able to see I no longer ride my bike through the city on my way to work. Which I rather regret. I liked riding past the market folk getting ready for their day. Passing all kinds of stores and pretty old buildings. Oh well, the new route is about 5 minutes shorter, so atleast that's an advantage. And I must say the office is quite nice, very light and bigger than I expected.