Okay okay, ik ben dan wel meer metal dan goth, maar ik schurk er graag tegenaan. Heb Sisters of Mercy meerdere keren live gezien en vorig jaar zelfs -eindelijk!- The Fields of the Nephilim. Dus World Goth Day moet gevierd worden, trek wat zwarts aan, doe de gordijnen dicht en zet een fijne playlist op.

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Tour poster
Gisteravond naar het optreden van The Sisters Of Mercy geweest in Amsterdam. Vorige keer (alweer bijna 10 jaar geleden!) zag ik ze in 013 en toen begonnen ze bijna een uur te laat, wat helaas betekende dat we het eind moesten missen om de trein te kunnen halen. Ik hield nu dus ook rekening met het ergste, maar het viel reuze mee.

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I attended the Riverside show in Paradiso (Amsterdam) last night. You will soon be able to the entire show on It was the third time I was able to attend one of their shows, so not too many surprises. Just a great, solid performance. They even played Rapid Eye Movement (from the bonus dics) which is such a great song!

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Don't you just love it when you come home and there are goodies waiting on the doormat? I ordered bandshirts recently, a black one (what else..) with the Sisters of Mercy logo and another one for Alice in Chains.

I also ordered CDs, but that's a different experience. These I already found online, so the anticipation I usually had before the arrival of new material is gone. I do still buy the releases from a select list of bands though. To show support I guess, and because I just like to own the originals of my favourite bands. This round I got the new Opeth - Watershed (Special edition), Moonspell - Night Eternal and Tiamat - Amanethes.

The Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Eldritch
Just got back from Tilburg, from the The Sisters Of Mercy show. Really didn't know what to expect beforehand, but it turned out to be a great show. Despite the fact that they kept us waiting for quite some time. The ticket said the show was due at 21:00, but they didn't start till around 22:10, after the smokemachine had been on for about fifteen minutes. But luckily that was all quickly forgotten once they started playing. I'd better get some sleep now, the trainride back home wore me out.

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