Och, wat een heerlijk conservatief clubje kan de metalwereld toch zijn! Binnenkort verschijnt de nieuwe CD van Opeth, Pale Communion. Nu al is er online erg veel discussie: is de plaat nou te prog of niet? Is het nog wel metal, mag het nog wel Opeth heten. Ach, wat doet het er nou toe mensen, als het maar goeie muziek is. En als je het niets vindt, zet je toch lekker een oudere plaat van de jongens op. Zie Angry Metal Guy, Metal Sucks en Metalstorm voor reviews en vooral de comments, als je het aandurft althans.


Sivert Hoyem speelt 18 november in Vera in Groningen. Niet echt naast de deur, maar behalve Crossing Border de enige datum in Nederland, tijdens deze tour voor het nieuwe album Long Slow Distance. Het is gelukkig op een vrijdag, dus dan maken we er fijn een uitje van. De tickets zijn ondertussen geregeld. :-)

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Don't you just love it when you come home and there are goodies waiting on the doormat? I ordered bandshirts recently, a black one (what else..) with the Sisters of Mercy logo and another one for Alice in Chains.

I also ordered CDs, but that's a different experience. These I already found online, so the anticipation I usually had before the arrival of new material is gone. I do still buy the releases from a select list of bands though. To show support I guess, and because I just like to own the originals of my favourite bands. This round I got the new Opeth - Watershed (Special edition), Moonspell - Night Eternal and Tiamat - Amanethes.

New Opeth announced

Just read an item on Blabbermouth, on the new Opeth album. It's to be released early June and will be entitled "Watershed".

"Watershed" combines elements of modern metal, prog rock, free jazz and hints of European folk music, all of which come together for a seamless, unique collection of songs that will leave an indelible mark upon all who listen.
Can't wait!


Light hitting the Opeth logo on the drums
Opeth was wonderful, as always. I even bought a T-shirt. Singer Mikael Åkerfeldt was in a particularly talkative mood. At one point he even claimed to be Tom Araya after someone screamed 'Slayer' in answer to his question of who we thought they were. :-)

I'm not very good at remembering setlist, but I do remember they played 'Closure' from the Damnation album, 'Credence' from My Arms, Your Hearse, 'White Cluster' which appears on Still Life and the title track from Orchid.

Opeth in De Boerderij (Zoetermeer) op 22-12-2005:

  • Ghost of Perdition
  • When
  • White Cluster
  • Closure
  • Bleak
  • The Grand Conjuration
  • Under the Weeping Moon
  • The Baying of the Hounds
  • A Fair Judgement
  • Deliverance

Though I had a bit of a late night, I still had to set the alarm as my brandnew matrass was being delivered. So I'm now the proud owner of a real Eastborn matrass. Can't believe how heavy it is though. They recommend you turn it round every 2 weeks for the first few months to enhance its longevity. Hope I'll be able to.

I also found out Polish band Riverside will be playing Boerderij on April of next year. Tickets have been ordered. I've read some great reviews for earlier shows and really love the new album. Should be good!


Had dinner with T&T last night to catch up and watch the 500+ photo's taken in Chile (mind you, that was only a selection). They brought back a beautiful necklass and matching earrings for me. Both contain Lapis lazuli stones, which can only be found in Afghanistan, Pakistan and ofcoure Chile.

I'm going to see Opeth tonight, they're playing Boerderij in Zoetermeer. Opening act is Burst. Here's a review of a show they did last month. And on the same site you can find a review for the Porcupine Tree show I attended that same night.


I just got tickets to see Opeth in Zoetermeer. They're playing in De Boerderij on December 22nd. Can't wait! Meanwhile, I'm quite impressed with all the tattoos various people have of the Opeth logo. I quite like the way it turned out on some people, and do like the logo. But I just can't think of a nice place I'd like a tattoo. Which is probably also why I never got one of Ouroboros, which I once considered.