Dat kon ik natuurlijk niet missen, een optreden van Monster Magnet in onze eigen Leidse Hout en nog gratis ook! Dat alles ter ere van 30 jaar Werfpop. Best relaxed eigenlijk, op de fiets naar een festival.

Werd er wel een beetje nostalgisch van, volgend jaar maar eens kijken of ik weer eens een festival mee kan pakken. Graspop misschien, zoals vroeger, of Wacken, waar ik ooit nog wel eens heen wil. Lekker een paar dagen met gelijkgestemden over een uitgedroogd en/of natgeregend grasveld heen en weer sjokken tussen marquee en mainstage.

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Te vaag, Monster Magnet staat dit jaar op jubilerend Werfpop. Wat heeft dat aan subsidies gekost? Misschien dit jaar toch eens een bezoekje brengen dit festival in eigen stad!

Monster Magnet

Had a great day yesterday. Went to see Monster Magnet play Effenaar (Eindhoven). In the afternoon, because of the WK football. Which was quite strange, but in the end it turned out great, since it's quite a journey by train. The show itself was great, a bit shocking to see what age and rehab have done to Dave though. But he sounded great, and that's what matters. They played a lot of classic Monster Magnet songs and, to my surprise, no songs from the new album.

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Just found out the Fields of Rock festival has been cancelled this year (due to the lack of headliners leading to disappointing ticket sales). Which is a shame, because I was contemplating attending. However, it looks like all will turn out well, since I was mostly looking forward to checking out Monster Magnet. And they just happen to be playing The Effenaar in Eindhoven on the original festival date (june 22nd). I just ordered tickets! :-)

Fields of Rock

Yep, it's that time of year again, the announcements for this years festival season. So far I'm quite impressed with the line-up for Fields of Rock. They've got Monster Magnet, who I've wanted to see for quite some time now. I almost got to 2 years ago, even bought the tickets. But unfortunately that was the year the singer took an overdose and the tour was cancelled. Also on Fields Of Rock is Judas Priest, which I'm sure would be very cool to see live.

Or maybe Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, which has Novembers Doom, who I've also never seen but would really like to. I'll just wait and see what else gets announced. The good thing is, a lot of bands tend to play shows nearby on their own, since they're in the neighbourhood anyway.

Monster Magnet cancelled

Just found out the Monster Magnet show on March 16th -which I was really looking forward to- has been cancelled because frontman Dave Wyndorf deceided now would be a nice time to take a drug overdose. Sigh. For more information, try this item.


Monster Magnet's Dave Wyndorf
Monster Magnet is one of a few bands I've wanted to see on stage, but never had a chance to before. Luckily for me they'll be playing Paradiso in March of the coming year. And I happen to have bought the tickets on Saturday!

The show is on the 16th, to be exact, which is also 2 days after my 27th birthday. Isn't that the age a whole bunch of rock stars didn't live beyond? Anyhow, I'm not a rock star, and pretty sure I won't be one before my 28th birthday. Enough with the gloom, first I have December to look forward to. Porcupine Tree will be playing 013 on December 4th. And ofcourse I'm going to see Opeth in Zoetermeer on the 22nd. :-D


Just checking the news from Read a review of the Day of the Equinox festival. Looked quite good. Havind Agalloch and Green Carnation. The latter apparently played their album Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness in full! Green Carnation recently played on the Progpower festival, but I can't remember hearing Agalloch performing here. They should though, they're one of my favourite bands.

Also, I read that Monster Magnet will be doing a European tour soon. They're playing on my birthday (March 14th) in Paradiso in Amsterdam. Let's see if I can try and get tickets for that.