Heb me onlangs voor werk verdiept in Kirby CMS. Ik moet zeggen, ik was best onder de indruk. Het is erg snel en super flexibel. Ook is er uitgebreide documentatie beschikbaar. Dus nu overweeg ik deze site te migreren. Ik gebruik nu Wordpress en dat heeft best een paar nadelen (performance, overhead, lelijke broncode).

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Punt org

Toen ik in 2001 een domeinnaam zocht, was een .nl niet mogelijk zonder KvK nummer. Dus ik koos voor een .org domein. Misschien initieel iets duurder, maar ach. Dat heeft al die jaren goed gedraaid. Tot ik gisteren op MetaFilter las dat het beheer van .org domeinen is verkocht aan een commerciële club, voorheen was dat namelijk een non-profit stichting. Voor meer info, zie ICANN races towards regulatory capture: the great .ORG heist. De verwachting is dat de prijzen flink zullen stijgen, mogelijk zijn er nog meer negatieve gevolgen, ook voor bestaande registrars. Nou zal het voor mij zo'n storm niet lopen, ik heb geen heel commerciële domeinnaam, maar toch, het zit me niet lekker.

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Just wondering if there's a country with he as top level domain. Sadly there isn't. Otherwise I could have registered www.mirt.he. Here's the complete List of Internet top-level domains. I could do (with th for Thailand) or maybe backwards to form (with im for Isle of Man). Seems like I'm not the only one nerdy enough to be wondering about these possibilities, there's even a website for it, domain hacks.


I finally got round to doing what all the cool kids are doing, I've added tagging to this site. Bet you're impressed now. Now if only I can resist tagging all my previous posts. Maybe I'll just do a few..


The kind folks from the Amazon Web Services have made some changes as of April first. Since I use a crafty nusoap construction on a few different parts of this site to display various covers from the Amazon site, this means I'll have to edit the soap setup. Untill I do, I'm afraid this means no images for you. Shame I can't just use the PHP5 native functions, but for some reasons these aren't available on this server.


If you've been here before, you might have noticed by now: it was time for another redesign. I think this makes version 6. Hope you like it! :-)


I've finally given in to the boatloads of comment spam passing through my database every day. Though I initially thought of disabling comments all together, but decided against this for now. I've now implemented a random simple math question, and only on answering the question correctly will the comment be posted. Everything else will disappear into the black void. Hopefully this will keep the crap at bay. And if not, well, I still might disable the whole thing. We'll see.


Since my post from December 24th still graced my homepage I had to get up to speed a bit. Plenty of post (or ideas therefor) are currently waiting in my CMS, but they still need completion. I've decided just to start publishing new stuff and catching up on the old stuff in the meantime. I fear that otherwise the backlog will just get bigger and bigger. So please bear with me.


Since I've started this site sometime in 1996, I've used a number of programs and sites to have access to statistics. For a long time I've used only Refer, since I was interested most in where and how people ended up on my site. Since I've had my domain (which was 2001, I think) I have also had access to the raw Apache log data via the admin panel my host offers. I've been downloading these for a while now, but, despite planning to, haven't really made a serious attempt at processing them.

And now there's Google Analytics, the result of Google buying Urchin. I signed up when I first heard of it, and am glad I did, since they're not accepting new members at the moment. I've only been trying out the service for a few days at the moment, but I must say I'm quite impressed with the way the information is presented. To be continued.