Porcupine Tree

Gisteravond naar Porcupine Tree in de Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam geweest. Alweer optreden nummer nummer 59 en mijn 6e keer PT!

Helaas geen zelf gemaakte foto vandaag, aangezien al het opname materiaal verboden was. Op zich kan ik dat wel begrijpen, want het werd de laatste tijd ook wel erg druk met al die fototoestellen en telefoons die steeds de lucht in gingen. Kan me voorstellen dat dat voor de band ook niet erg fijn is. Maar ik had toch graag in ieder geval één leuke foto gemaakt. Maar goed.

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Porcupine Tree

For the fifth year in a row, I'll be attending a Porcupine Tree concert in the fourth quarter. Their new album is due for release some time in September and they'll be playing Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on October 12th. The anouncement mentions special guests, I wonder who that will be. I've read rumours of a bunch of bands, from Dream Theatre to Opeth. Guess we'll have to wait to find out.


Tickets for the Porcupine Tree and Anathema show arrived earlier today. They're playing the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on December 5th. It'll be strange to see both bands at such a big venue. I almost contemplated not attending, but how could I not. As a bonus, my parents are big Porcupine Tree fans also and decided to make it a family outing, their treat. It is Sinterklaas after all! :-)


Maynard in front of the videoscreen
Though a bit on the short side, the Tool concert (my third) was fantastic! The show was accompanied by various footage (including the music videos for songs like Sober and Schism) on 4 big screens on stage. At the start we were asked to refrain from smoking on behalf of Maynard, which suited me just fine ast the smell of weed and tobacco is not one of my favourite things. Unfortunately there were still a number of people unable to comply with this request.

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Finally, only one more day to go before the much anticipated Tool concert in Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. I've heard different reports on the sound quality, but since I haven't been, I'll just have to wait and see. The wikipedia does state The hall is praised for its acoustics and it's said these are the best in Europe. And I wonder if Tool can make it as good as the show in Paradiso I witnessed in 1997, just after the release of Ænima. That still remains my favourite concert ever, even after almost ten years and numerous shows.

I also picked up tickets to see Porcupine Tree. They're playing Paradiso in september. That will be the second show of theirs within a year. What a treat!

Tool show

Sold out in under 10 minutes, I am the lucky owner of a ticket for the Tool show at The Heineken Music Hall on June 27. :-D Can't wait!


Just found out that more European tour dates have been announced for Tool. Good to see more dates in the Netherlands besides the awful commercial Pinkpop, which I refuse to attend. They're playing Heineken Music Hall on June 27th. I'm there. Now if only I could find out when the tickets are available for sale.

It's been snowing on and off these past few days. As beautiful as that always is as it's first fallen, it unfortunatly becomes a nuisance rather quickly. Ah well, it'll inevitably melt again.