Hermano @ Patronaat, Haarlem

I've always regretted not having seen Kyuss perform on stage. I'm making up for it though, having seen Queens Of The Stone Age in summer of 07 and then last night I got to see John Garcia and his friends at Hermano Patronaat in Haarlem. Due to parking difficulties we were a bit late, so missed opening act Troy Torino and found the band had just started as we entered. After inserting the earplugs we made our way forward. (By the way, why do most people always stick to a spot near the entrance. Move, people!)

I'm crap at remembering setlists, but they played a lot of my favourite songs. And boy how they played, very tight. Really great night. Shame they didn't have a t-shirt stand though, I would have liked to have bought one. Anyhow, check out some pictures in this set on Flickr or the video for My Boy.

Hermano in Patronaat (Haarlem) op 15-11-2008:

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