Went to the Amorphis show last night, they were playing Tivoli De Helling in Utrecht. We arrived just in time for the final song by opening act Insomnium. The interval gave us a good chance to find a proper spot more at the front. Up next some Finnish doom by Swallow the Sun, though I'm not that familiar with their work, I was quite impressed with their set. Then, finally, what I came for, Amorphis!

I was very impressed with singer Tomi Joutsen who only joined the band relatively recently. But he was great, a real personality on stage with his impressive dreads (real?) and he's got a great voice, going from grunts to clean vocals without any trouble. Even when the band played songs from the Tales From the Thousand Lakes album, released 10 years before Joutsen joined the band, it all seemed completely natural for him.

Amorphis in Tivoli De Helling (Utrecht) op 23-11-2007:

  • I of Crimson Blood
  • Leaves Scar
  • A Servant
  • Weaving the Incantation
  • Alone
  • Drowned Maid
  • Her Alone
  • Silent Waters
  • Against Widows
  • Sign From the North Side
  • The Smoke
  • My Kantele
  • The Castaway
  • Towards and Against
  • House of Sleep
  • Black Winter Day

Found this review on (in Dutch) and a photo set on Flickr. Oh, and I bought a tour shirt, here's the front.. and the back.