Porcupine Tree

Just got back from Amsterdam where we attended the Porcupine Tree at at Melkweg. The third time I've had the privilege of seeing them live in a little under two years. Last time was in September when they played a few songs which they were then still working on for the new album. This has since been released as Fear Of A Blank Planet.

They played a great set with a bunch of songs from the back catalogue and of course ones from the new album. The one song I really missed though was Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, but you can't have everything you want now can you. :-)

Porcupine Tree in Melkweg The Max (Amsterdam) op 28-06-2007:

  • Fear of a Blank Planet
  • Lightbulb Sun
  • My Ashes
  • Anesthetize
  • Open Car
  • Gravity Eyelids
  • Drown With Me
  • Sentimental
  • Blackest Eyes
  • .3
  • Sever
  • Way Out of Here
  • Sleep Together
  • Even Less
  • Mother and Child Divided
  • Halo

The video for "Fear Of A Blank Planet":