Porcupine Tree

Just got back from Amsterdam, been to the Porcupine Tree show in Paradiso. Running a bit late, so we completely missed opening act Paatos. Did manage to find a nice spot and after a few minutes waiting the band appeared on stage. The first part of the show was a showcase of the material from the upcoming album. A lot of groovy, lengthy songs with heavy parts on one side, soft and fragile parts on the other. Some very moving moments there and definitely an appetizer for the upcoming album!

After a short break they played mostly new material, including my favourite song 'Arriving Somewhere But Not Here', which was accompanied by some fitting video material. Other songs they played were: Open Car, Trains, Halo, Blackest Eyes. The band recently signed to Roadrunner Records and follow-up to the album Deadwing is due out early next year. Can't wait!

Porcupine Tree in Paradiso Grote Zaal (Amsterdam) op 27-09-2006:

  • Fear of a Blank Planet
  • My Ashes
  • Anesthetize
  • Sentimental
  • Cheating the Polygraph
  • Sleep Together
  • Open Car
  • The Sound of Muzak
  • Buying New Soul
  • Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
  • .3
  • The Start of Something Beautiful
  • Trains
  • Halo
  • Blackest Eyes

Update: here's a review of the show (in Dutch) on progwereld.org and Zware Metalen.