Due to problems with the Internet connection at work, I've been working from home these past days. Which suited me fine, since I was having a skylight installed yesterday. Unfortunatly the screen that will keep out the sun will take about two weeks to arrive. So the morning sun caused me the awaken a 5:15 this morning. Might try sticking some cardboard in front of it tonight. Ah well, I'm sure the extra fresh air will more than make up for this temporary discomfort.

Let's see, what else. Oh, my brother ran the 21 km distance at the Marathon in Leiden on sunday. Very impressive, especially with these high temperatures. Which my parents have escaped from, since they fled the country this morning, to go on holiday to Norway. They're going to take the Hurtigruten, a Norwegian coastal transport service which is over a hundred years old, now an 11-day round trip between Bergen and Kirkenes, which includes 32 other ports. Recognised today as one of Europe's biggest attractions and is internationally acknowledged as the 'world's most beautiful sea voyage'. After that they're planning to drive home, through a part of Finland. I'm jealous.