Vocalist Mariusz Duda
Went shopping in Haarlem yesterday, bought some nice things. Should have spared my feet though, because I had tickets for Riverside in Zoetermeer that very evening. But, despite the discomfort of sore feet, I must say it was a great show.

Riverside is a progressive metal band from Warsaw, Poland. They played songs from both their 2003 debut Out of Myself and 2005's release Second Life Syndrome. I remember reading somewhere these 2 albums are to be part of a trilogy, so I'm looking foward to the release of their third album.

I also bought a t-shirt with the Out of Myself cover on the front. Speaking of t-shirts, in front of us were 2 boys in hugely oversized Ghost Reveries t-shirts, who probably were newborns when Orchid came out. That makes me feel old.

Riverside in De Boerderij (Zoetermeer) op 21-04-2006:

  • Intro
  • Conceiving You
  • Out of Myself
  • Reality Dream I
  • Second Life Syndrome
  • Artificial Smile
  • I Believe
  • Acronym Love
  • Reality Dream II
  • Dance With the Shadow
  • The Curtain Falls
  • The Same River
  • Reality Dream III
  • Loose Heart
  • Before
  • OK