That's a map of Leiden [wiki] on the left here. The dot is my new house. That's right. My house. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

All went well at the notary yesterday. In and out in 13 minutes. I checked. Don't even want to think about the amount of Euros that cost me, but okay. Choose a sort of browner-than-eggshell for the walls, and a sort of chocolate for the detail bits. Started painting the walls on the first floor last night, after some delay and a trip to the Gamma. Unfortunatly the ceiling was worse of that we thought and chose to replace it.

Which led to another surprise, because the ceiling was stuffed with a sort of reed like twig like material ("tengels"), which all had to be removed. That took most of today. My dad removed the stuff, the rest of us spend the entire time sticking the debris in garbagebags. Dust was everywhere. It hasn't felt this great to take a shower in ages. Continue the painting tomorrow and hopefully create a new ceiling. But I'm pleased. Going to lounge on the couch now.