Went to see Yes, in Ahoy Rotterdam, last night. I grew up with their albums and this was a line-up I couldn't refuse. I'd been once before, in 1990, I think. Quite strange to see the difference with the concerts I usually visit. Hardly any band t-shirts. People were actually drinking tea and coffee, instead of carrying beer trays. Not once did I smell any weed. Very weird. But good nonetheless. They're old, but they can still rock.

Yes in Ahoy (Rotterdam) op 24-06-2003:

  • The Firebird Suite
  • Siberian Khatru
  • Magnification
  • Don't Kill the Whale
  • In the Presence Of
  • We Have Heaven
  • South Side of the Sky
  • And You and I
  • To Be Over
  • Clap
  • Happy Birthday to Everyone
  • Show Me
  • Keyboard Solo
  • Heart of the Sunrise
  • Long Distance Runaround
  • Whitefish
  • Awaken
  • I've Seen All Good People
  • Roundabout