Special date today » 03/03/03. Cool date to be born. Half the number of the beast. Anyhow, I've got my bi-annual dentist check-up this afternoon. Hope everything will be fine. I watched About Schmidt yesterday afternoon. Jack Nicholson at his best.


Macromedia has been redesigned. The website, sorry, Rich Internet Application is a bit to much Flash for my liking. But atleast everything works as it should in Phoenix.

OO and Standards

There's an interesting article on about The Object Oriented Evolution of PHP, in honour of the soon to be released version 5 of PHP.

I just found something called MACCAWS, which stands for Making A Commercial Case for Adopting Web Standards. It aims to "provide Web authors with the resources necessary to promote Web standards as a commercially desirable choice for clients".


I spend a while playing the original Duke Nukem today. Wonderful nostalgia. Not much else going on. In case you're wondering, I did not watch the Idols finale last night. The horror. I caught a preview of the movie Adaptation on tv earlier today. Definitely one for my ever-expanding list of things to check out. I sent out an order for Large. Among my list is Still at arms length by The Provenance. Look forward to receiving that. I also finished Bernard Cornwell's Stonehenge. The libray isn't open untill tuesday, so I have to find something in-house to read. I was thinking of reading Dune again. But maybe I'll find something else. I don't know.


We had a small presentation a few weeks ago about pension plans. I didn't get round to reading the material untill just now. My retirement date has been set to March 1st 2044. Scary. I'm turning 24 this friday. I don't want to be thinking about stuff like this. Sigh. Just got back from the hospital. Had two birthmarks removed from my face. Though it didn't hurt as much as I'd expected, it still was pretty far from a picknick. But atleast it's behind me now. I'd been on a waiting list since December last year.


This Loesje is quite good. Anyhow, it's almost my birthday! Only 11 more hours to go. This Familie Knots DVD is pure genius. Maybe a cool thing to offer me as a gift. ;-)

24 today

Happy birthday to me!


Is the mystery pneumonia the next great Pandemic? I really don't know how to make a bridge to my next topic, but I wanted to mention that I'm very impressed with Aqua Data Studio, which is for 'Database Professionals'. Check it out, if you like that sort of thing.


More presents! I got Vivir Para Contarla (translated to Dutch as Leven om het te vertellen) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez from the people at work. It also included the bookweek book, Gala by Ronald Giphart. Don't you just love birthdays?


My school has been renamed. Very weird. Almost like it never existed. It was the School for Communicationsystems (SvC) and it's now called the Academy for Digital Communication (ADC). I just got back from Utrecht, because my brother got his diploma. Hurah! Weird to be back. I feel old.


I really like the new Placebo album, Sleeping With Ghosts. Especially the Boney M cover, Daddy Cool. Who would have thought.


Today is finally the moment of truth. I'm trying to make a CSS version of my current lay-out. But I'm lost. I want it to work in both IE and Mozilla. But it doesn't. Maybe a little break will help. Sigh. And to make things even worse, my Hellacopters cd of High Visibility keeps skipping beats. Very annoying. I did get a fresh new haircut earlier today and I've read the new Aardschok whilst sitting in the spring sunshine. I love winter, but spring has some nice qualities also.


Thanks to the nice folks at Casema I've just had to reset all my television settings. They've changed all the frequenties and added a few (like Animal Planet, BBC World and The Box). Which is nice, but it sucks big time that all stations have changed. Oh, and the radio to. Nice. Just what I was looking forward to.


Happy birthday to my dad!