I think I hate computers. I think I really do. Sigh. My motherboard really didn't feel like living in a bigtower, so after 1001 problems I decided to upgrade to a new one. Which is good, ofcourse. But then one of the pins on my hard drive broke off and I feared loss of date. Fortunately things could still be read, so I backed everything up on every spare bit on the LAN I could find. Bought a new hard drive. Which is good, but more money I didn't intend to spend. Finally got to installing Windows. Again. Third weekend in a row. And then I find out my system disk is called H instead of C, which drove me insane. Tried Partition Magic, but then Windows no longer wanted to boot. So guess what. I'm reinstalling it at this very moment. For the fourth time. Sigh. Well, atleast once everything is up and running, I'll have a kick-ass system!