Januari 2003


Just a little reminder that you can change the Look & Feel of this site.


I'm quite impressed with XFML, which is a standard to exchange hierarchical metadata. I think I'll experiment with it this weekend, using the menu for this site. For more info, check out XML.org and Introduction to XFML also on O'Reilly.

Gangs of New York

I watched Gangs of New York earlier this week. Though I'd like to have seen the 1978 version Scorsese originally intended to make, this one was quite cool. Daniel Day-Lewis was without a doubt the star of the show. The only thing that really bothered me were the accents. Why did they disappear in some scenes only to reappear in the next?

There's an interesting article on the O'Reilly website, entitled Consuming Amazon with Flash Remoting. Shame I'm giving up the Lyrics Archive, because I'm seeing cool new possibilities. But I just don't have the time. Sigh.


The Mini-Mizer rules. Make yourself out of Lego.


Went to Holland Casino in Scheveningen last night, with the people from work. I wasn't very lucky though, I lost my given fortune of €8 within minutes. Though it was nice to socialise and cool to see a casino at work, I didn't really feel like something I'd like to do more often. The atmosphere of greed and despair didn't really appeal to me.


Last night I heard the first single of the album 'Mary Star Of The Sea' by Billy Corgan's new band Zwan. Didn't even know there was one. Sounded nice. See if I can get my hands on a copy.


The days are getting longer. It was still light when I got home this evening. For the first time since the beginning of winter. Though I don't mind the dark, it does feel better to arrive home in daylight. I'm watching Interview with the Vampire, which I'd taped earlier this week. I'd seen it years ago, but it is better than I remembered. Weird to think that the part of Lestat, which is now played by Tom Cruise, was originally meant for Rutger Hauer.


I think I hate computers. I think I really do. Sigh. My motherboard really didn't feel like living in a bigtower, so after 1001 problems I decided to upgrade to a new one. Which is good, ofcourse. But then one of the pins on my hard drive broke off and I feared loss of date. Fortunately things could still be read, so I backed everything up on every spare bit on the LAN I could find. Bought a new hard drive. Which is good, but more money I didn't intend to spend. Finally got to installing Windows. Again. Third weekend in a row. And then I find out my system disk is called H instead of C, which drove me insane. Tried Partition Magic, but then Windows no longer wanted to boot. So guess what. I'm reinstalling it at this very moment. For the fourth time. Sigh. Well, atleast once everything is up and running, I'll have a kick-ass system!


I bought a new Aopen bigtower, so I can add some more stuff to my computer and to have some more space for the existing content. Hopefully that will help with the noise, because that's just getting out of hand. However it has not been a smooth ride. Why do these things all always turn out to be harder than anticipated. Well, I hope things will go better this weekend. Can't believe it's almost weekend again. My mom just send me an SMS, to let me know my delivery has arrived. I only send out the order on tuesday, so that's pretty fast. Can't wait to get home.


Sigh. My computer here at work keeps crashing. Usually at the end of the day. A bleeb, a blue screen and an automatic restart. Very nice. Must be a feature I don't understand. Unlike Little Boy Produces Fire Balls With His Eyes, which is a very cool feature. I heard about the PHP Conference which is to be held in Amsterdam in may. I'd like to go, but it looks like I'll be in New York at that time. You heard right. New York. Can't wait! It's a present from my parents to my brother and I, because we both graduated recently.


SimCity 4 will be released tomorrow. I'd like to get my hands on a copy sooner rather than later. Since I played the first version in '89, it's still one of those classics I reinstall every once in a while.

Windows dejavu

I've just installed Windows XP. Yet again. I was having some problems with my RAID controller, which caused Windows to no longer recognise my second hard drive. But the reinstall seems to have helped, as everything is working fine now. The complete install, with most of my favourite programs only took about an hour and a half. I must be getting the hang of it. It like to have the tv on with such tedious tasks, so I'm now watching the first episode of Steven Spielberg's Taken, which I'd taped from the BBC last night. Though it's quite entertaining so far, it does take itself a bit to seriously. But I do think I'd like to see the next episode.


I love my new referrer logs (thanks to Textism), because now I can see who's linking to me. And show my appreciation by linking back. Not much going on at the moment, just doing some surfing. Enjoying our lovely fast ADSL line. How on earth did I ever manage without? Just found out someone's been spamming my guestbook. Better go clean things up. Why do people do these things? Not like it's doing any good...


Just what we need. Another browser. Sigh.

Update: there's a review of Safari's behaviour over at dive into mark, especially for web designers.


eMule is supposed to be quite good. I hope it will be. I'm getting sick of Kazaa.


Snow landscape - taken from the weer.nl website
I opened the curtains this morning and the world turned white. Beautiful, unspoiled snow. Shame it always turns into gray slush. I reinstalled Windows XP yesterday. So I can spend today reinstalling my favourite programs. Sigh. What else. Uhm.

Well, I finally finished Omertà. I really should make more time for reading. I used to read much more. I've now started with Chaim Potok's Davita's Harp. I just love how you can enter a completely new world, by starting a new book.


Kink FM is playing the Aardschok top 100, so there's finally some metal on the radio. I worked today and on thursday. Though it was hard to get up early again, it was otherwise okay. The weather's changed. Finally stopped raining. There is an onset of cold that took my breath away, standing at the busstop tonight. My shoulder is killing me. I found an old CD with games and played far too much Sim City 3000 in the last few days. So that's it for me for today. I'm going to veg out in front of the tv.


Happy New Year!!