Almost there

Wednesday already. I've taken friday off, spending the day shopping in Amsterdam. So only one more day and it's practically weekend. Sigh. Because of the wintertime thing, it's already dark when I go home now. Though I don't mind the dark, or the increasing cold, but it's getting more difficult to stay in a good mood. I find certain thing annoy me a lot more. Like walkmans that are on too loud a volume. And it's always playing some ghastly R&B album. Or people who don't give up their seat for the blind guy, who always gets on the same bus as I do. I just don't get that.

Other stuff » The Sex Pistols' "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols" was released 25 years ago today. Yahoo! is switching to PHP. Photoshop Phriday is really hilarious. Don't think I've ever seen the movie The Dead Zone, which I'm reading at the moment. Maybe I can rent it after I've finished the book. See how it compaires.