I'm impressed with the many features of Mozilla. Here's a Guide to the DOM Inspector. And if you really don't want to leave Internet Explorer, here's an IE skin. Don't know if I'll switch 100%, but I am using it more and more. Don't have a driving lesson today. Yesterday's went great. Have to take the exam tomorrow at 14:00. Fingers crossed. Well, not whilst driving ofcourse.

I've just installed ColdFusion MX on my PC, and am currently testing out a bunch of the new features. Getting quite enthusiastic about the possibilities, actually. But I'm not switching to Dreamweaver. Which is my the Macromedia ColdFusion Studio - ColdFusion MX Tag Updater came in quite handy. Oh, I just received a link for the American Psycho script. Thought you might like it. Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now! I wonder what the sequel is like.