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I just got back from my all-day driving lesson. Never knew that simply driving around in a car could be that exhausting. I'm absolutely shattered. Strange. Though I did enjoy myself, the track became quite boring after lap 1000. Glad today is over and done with. My back and legs are killing me, but I am still looking forward to driving in Leiden this monday. First, the bliss of weekend. Ahh.

Although I doubt I'll have much relaxation as my dad chose this weekend to put in the new laminate on my floor. So my room has been cleared out during the last few days and putting everything back on it's place will take up a lot of my energy. I think if I put my head down on something soft now, I'll simply drift of in a very deep sleep. But I was up at 6:10 this morning, and I am really NOT a morning person.

By the way, the new Winamp 3 has been released yesterday. I can't wait to see what's new.