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Bruised, but okay

A weird David Schwimmer theme night, last night, as I watched The Pallbearer and Since You've Been Gone, of which the latter was best. I spend most of today putting all my stuff back in my room. Cleaned out all my drawer's and spend quite some time going through a number of old letters and postcards. Sometimes clearing out stuff can take forever, but I got through it and now everything is back in it's place. Well, nearly everything. I did throw out some crap.

Oh, I fell on my back in the garden this morning. That wasn't very nice. I was wearing flip-flops and I placed my foot on an old piece of laminate. Which then glided across the floor, taking me on it's way south. At the end my knee was bleeding, and my legs and back are now quite sore. Not nice at all. So I watched A Walk on the Moon with my feet up, to relax. Hopefully my back is better by tomorrow, since I don't look forward to driving all day, with a bad back.

Oh well, have yourself a good night. I plan to. Think I'll throw some pillows on the couch, maybe watch Zomergasten or continue reading Mario Puzo's The Godfather.