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Viva la France!

I'm starting to get a bit sluggish, like one usually does right after lunch. A good time to write some stuff, that's been lingering in my head, down in this here blog. Hopefully I'll be fully awakened again soon. We went to the Greek restaurant yesterday evening, to celebrate my brother's last exam. It was good. Ate too much, though. And awaking with the taste of garlic the morning after usually isn't much of a treat. But okay.

Both my parents and my brother are going on holiday in July. I have no plans though. Partly because I'm going for my drivers license in August, which will cost enough already. But also because I don't know if and when I have to go into hospital in the coming months. Oh well, I have to learn to be patient anyway. And I have plenty of time to go on vacation in years to come. But I might still get away for a while this year, because my parents have asked me to join them for a week or so, they're going camping for a month in France. Which I'm still thinking about. But I think I will, I'd like to get away, haven't been anywhere in ages.

I'm doing some work on our Intranet now and thinking about the coming redesign of our customer extranet, which I plan to do soon. And I'm also reading parts of the evolt tip harvester. So I'd better get on with it.