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I even got this in my mailbox. Balkenende goes Potter. Sigh.
Elections have passed. Christian Democrats win big in Netherlands. With 88.6 percent of the vote counted, Jan Peter Balkenende's Christian Democrats won 43 seats -- a gain of 15 in the 150-member Parliament. [...] Kok's governing socialists were seen plunging from 45 seats to 23, and his Liberal allies from 38 to also to 23, according to the results. Sigh. This is not at all what I wanted.

And it looks like we'll get Harry Potter for prime minister. If you don't believe me, check out this picture.

Update » it's even mentioned in a recent article in the NY Times! The Christian Democrat leader, Jan Peter Balkenende, 46, sometimes called the Dutch Harry Potter because of his looks, could become the next prime minister. And I thought our reputation couldn't get any worse after last week.