Strange! you're what most people consider strange, but you're still not a side show. Sometimes normal, you have a cynical outlook on the world which puts you apart from most. How much of a freak are you?It's been a good weekend for movies. I've finally seen the impressive The Green Mile on video. And I watched Magnolia on television last night. Both over 3 hours long, and so different from each other. But both really great. Oh, and if you've seen Magnolia, don't forget to check the trivia at the IMDb. There are some great ones here.

But there's more I've seen than just these two. Ofcourse I've got a new Sopranos DVD, so that means 2 more episodes (D-Girl and Full Leather Jacket) which I'll enjoy later today. And I've borrowed 2 Wallace & Gromit video's (A Grand Day Out and A Close Shave). Though I'd already seen 'em, ages ago, you can never get enough of those two! Besides renting The Green Mile, I also got What Women Want and I'd taped Chasing Amy from tv. So now you know. Propably in more detail then you'd wanted. Sorry for that.