Let op: dit bericht is door hoge leeftijd of irrelevantie achterhaald en wordt niet meer door zoekmachines geïndexeerd. Lezen op eigen risico.


This brings tears to my eyes. One-pla.net » "[...] Web designers (the serious ones again) will be spending more and more time thinking about design and less and less time trying to figure out how to cope with old broken browsers. In the new regime, it will be possible--indeed, it will be our responsibility--to keep content separate from style. Then, our pages will become truly maintainable, truly searchable, truly accessible.

The foundations of our revolution are two: XHTML and CSS. We'll use the XHTML for content, the CSS for styles. This is truly a revolution comrade, and now is the time to join.

Write to the standards or be written off by the standards!"