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Movies o'plenty

Let's keep things light, shall we? The sun is out and I'm getting my diploma next week. Oh, and I almost forgot, the ceremony is on March the 14th, which is also my 23rd birthday!

Anyhow, it's been a good week for movies for me. Let me get into way too much detail. (Feel free to skip the rest of this post, as it is not quite interesting.) It all started with a rental of Almost Famous and The Kid. Unfortunately The Kid was a bit too Disney for my liking and the copy of Almost Famous had died shortly before the rental took place, which is the reason for me not having seen it. We did however get a different movie for free and we decided on Planet of the Apes. After that I borrowed Battlefield Earth and Swordfish on DVD from a colleague. The first was an okay movie and the latter I have yet to see.

Another excursion to the videostore resulted in a huge save, because we decided not to go for the usual one expensive one-day rental of €4.95, but for 4 week-rentals at the total of €8. Resulting in the save mentioned before. The bounty contains American Psycho, which I had wanted to see for ages now, The Debt Collector, Shadow of the Vampire and Double Whammy. I haven't seen the first three, so I'll have to let you know what they were like on a later date. Double Whammy was entertaining. Shame Steve Buscemi played such a small part.

And then I almost forgot about the ones I've watched on television » Reality Bites, Single White Female and The Object of My Affection. I can't believe there are people out there who claim not to like movies. Sigh.