I wanted to blog this yesterday, but unfortunately Blogger was down for maintenance. That's okay. It happens. I'll just mail it home and post it tomorrow (which is today- get it?). Gosh, I've been quite busy. Yesterday morning -which is thursday, as I'm typing this on friday and posting it today, on saturday- I wanted to update my virusdefinitions for Norton Anti-Virus. But my Windows started to complain about a lack off space on my harddisk. What to do. I had already removed all non-essentials in the past weeks. My disk was just to small.

To my luck there was a bigger disk (10GB versus my 3,5GB) floating about the place. I then had the bright idea of replacing the disks and taking the chance of reinstalling windows. A fresh start and all that. But as I'm working on a Compaq machine, which can be tricky, as you may or may not know, it all took a bit longer than I expected. To try and make a long story a bit shorter, I finished installing Windows XP somewhere late afternoon on thursday.

Ofcourse, I couldn't stop there and with all the big apps and the even more smaller ones and not to forget the tones of tweaking of settings, I have only finished about an hour ago (on friday). But it's all running very smooth, I must say. Much better. I never did get those Norton updates though. Maybe I can give that a whirl on monday.

And then it's time for a few links » use Deja Vu to browse the web as we remember it. Learn more about print at the MOMO. Or read about Contingency Design (what users see when things go wrong).