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I'm going to Ozzfest!

I got the tickets! Got up at 9:00 this morning and went to Alphen. Stood in line for about half an hour, waiting for the postoffice to open up. But I succeeded. Hurah! At the last count, I think we're going with 10 people. Should be fun.

I also received notification from school. The official paper that states I've succeeded. So now I can get started with signing out. Bureaucracy o'plenty. And to top things of, I've also received news from the ANWB, which stated I can start my driving lessons in August. Ten dates, at the end of which I'll have my much desired paper.

It was a good week for mail (the real stuff, that is), because I also received my order from Large. I ordered 2 Kyuss CD's (Welcome to Sky Valley and Blues for the Red Sun), a 4-cd Metal Blade package, a hardcover version of Laurie Cabot's Het Groot Heksenboek (which bundles Dutch translations of her books Power of the Witch and The Witch in Every Woman) and 2 posters (Tool and Opeth). To add a personal touch to this material listing, I'd like to mention that I cut open half my finger as I was placing the posters in a frame. The glass front broke as I was holding it. Luckily there's no glass in my hand, and I'll be fine. Fascinating stuff, right?

And then there are some links I found in various places » Early Photography, contains photo's from Dutch public collections from 1839-1860. For even more images go to Duizend woorden.