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And then the real info for today. I just received the official invitation for my diploma ceremony. Quite strange. Everything I've been working for the past 20 years or so have finally come to an end. My graduation is here. But I feel like I'm stepping into a strange void. Not like I've accomplished greatness. It's the weirdest of feelings. Hmm. I think I'll have to do some thinking on where my life is heading, because for the first time, I don't have a new goal. Well, apart from a few shortterm goals, that is. Like getting my driver's license. And getting well. Because I haven't been. Not for a long time. But I won't go into details here. That's just to personal and I'm not ready to share this with the world. Wow, I didn't plan to get so gloomy on a saturday afternoon. I'm sorry. Just ignore me.