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Here are the lyrics for Lost Control, by Anathema. It's what I woke up to, since it was still in my CD player. And simply because I love this song. I just found out on the website that guitarist Daniel Cavanagh is leaving the band. Shame.

Life has betrayed

me once again,

I accept that some things

will never change.

I've let your tiny minds

magnify my agony,

and it's left me with a

chem'cal dependancy for sanity.

Yes, I'm falling...

how much longer till I hit the ground?

I can't tell you why

I'm breaking down.

Do you wonder why

I prefer to be alone?

Have I really lost control?

I'm coming to an end,

I've realised what I could have been.

I can't sleep so I take a breath

and hide behind my bravest mask,

I admit I've lost control.