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I've been working on a relatively new project today. I like the initial fase of a project best. I think. You can decide completely what can be done and how it should look. But I'm not in a mood for serious stuff anymore. Sigh. Why is the monday always such a difficult day?

Tjerk called me about an hour ago, to say he'd bought a DVD player for his PC (check out this test - he's got the LiteOn, I've got the Aopen). Not region-free anymore, because apparently they aren't allowed to sell those anymore. Which surprised me. I did not know that. I've bought mine (an Aopen) a little over a year ago, and it's completely regionless. But he shouldn't worry. There's firmware available.

I'm just looking at the specs for the, hopefully soon to be released, new version of CSS. Which is version 3. It should be quite cool, because it contains stuff like Multi-column layout, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (to create round edges!) and Behavioral Extensions. Can't wait for the release.