I went to the library about an hour ago with Tjerk, when we noticed that a lot of older and unwanted books were on sale. So I counted my Euro's and spend some of my first. My harvest includes Marion Bradley - "The Firebrand", Jonathan Weiner - "The Next One Hundred Years: Shaping the Fate of Our Living Earth", Clive Barker - "Books of Blood" (all volumes in one, possibly the best save. The hardcover version at Amazon is $200 and I paid €0,45 for the second-hand one. Cool huh?) and his "Cabal", Pauline Gedge - "The eagle and the raven: a novel" and the first two parts in Tom de Haven's "Chronicles of the King's Tramp" series, entitled "Walker of Worlds" and "The End-Of-Everything Man".

Also, my latest order from Displeased Records arrived today. So I'm the proud owner of the Autumn Tears album, "The Garden of Crystalling Dreams" and Maudlin at the Well's two latest albums, "Bath" and "Leaving Your Body Map".