It's friday, so time for the FridayFive. However, I don't like this weeks questions very much. They're all about smell, which is of no interest to me. So I'm going to answer last week's questions, since I didn't get around to it then. Okay? Here we go.

  1. What do you have your browser start page set to? My own startpage.

  2. What are your favorite news sites? For the Geek news, Slashdot ofcourse. And for Dutch news, I use both and de Volkskrant.

  3. Favorite search engine? Google. What else is there?

  4. When did you first get online? That would have to be 1995. Yep. Early 1995, I guess. First with the restrictions of Compuserve and then later on I discovered the web. I was reborn.

  5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? I'm going to see the new theatre show of Arjan Ederveen tomorrow night, in Gouda.