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Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD cover
I finally went to see The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring last night. I'm sure everybody knows the story by now, but I'll tell you anyway.

"An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found, and through a strange twist in fate has been given to a small Hobbit named Frodo. When Gandalf discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it! However he does not go alone. He is joined by Gandalf, Legolas the elf, Gimli the Dwarf, Aragorn, Boromir and his three Hobbit friends Merry, Pippin and Samwise. Through mountains, snow, darkness, forests, rivers and plains, facing evil and danger at every corner the Fellowship of the Ring must go. Their quest to destroy the One Ring is the only hope for the end of the Dark Lords reign!"

What can I say about this movie, that hasn't been said already. This one rules. Big time. Whether or not you've read the books, you'll love it. Check it out! Also, here's a link to my Tolkien page, which I've updated with some fresh links recently. Or maybe you'd like to buy the Lord Of The Rings (Collector's Edition) at ThinkGeek.