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The concert last night ruled. Big time. But I'm so very tired now. I must be getting old. Anyhow, I was surprised by the size of the venue. Baroeg is tiny. But that didn't matter. We came in halfway through the Novembre performance, but what I did hear sounded cool. By the way, you can download their stuff from MP3.com. Then there was Katatonia, who played an excellent set. Though I had hoped they'd play something of my favourite album "Dance of December Souls". But that's okay.

They were ofcourse followed by Opeth. I have been a fan since ages and had, to my regret, never seen 'em live. Untill now. And they were great. The changes from fast to slow. Excellent! I can't think of a different word for it.

And even though my feet hurt, my lowerback was aching and my head was throbbing, it all stopped when they played my favourite track, 'When', of my favourite album 'My Arms Your Hearse'. Yes, my friends, if you weren't there, you've missed a great gig.

Katatonia in Baroeg (Rotterdam) op 10-12-2001:

  • Deadhouse
  • Teargas
  • Stalemate
  • March 4
  • Chrome
  • Tonight's Music
  • For My Demons
  • The Future of Speech
  • Sweet Nurse
  • I Am Nothing
  • Cold Ways
  • Murder

Opeth in Baroeg (Rotterdam) op 10-12-2001:

  • The Leper Affinity
  • White Cluster
  • Forest of October
  • Credence
  • Bleak
  • When
  • The Drapery Falls
  • Advent
  • Demon of the Fall