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Sliding doors

Bit of a theme night yesterday. First I watched Frasier, the episode called Sliding Frasiers, where two different scenarios of Frasier's Valentine's Day take place all dependant on events early in the show. After that I watched the excellent movie Lola Rennt (1998), which has a similar story.

"At home, Lola gets a call from her frightened boyfriend who has lost a large amount of gang money he was smuggling into the country. His only chance of staying alive is if she can get replacement cash to him in twenty minutes. Lola decides to try her father at the bank where he works. But exactly how things will turn out depends crucially, almost to the second, on how she sets off on her errand."

Ofcourse this has gotten my to wonder, what could have been different in my life, dependant not only on the big decisions you make, but also the little ones you make all the time every day. I wonder.