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I'm finally able to get online again from home. We've been having some LAN and ISDN problems lately, but that has finally been solved. Unfortunately this also means I wasn't able to blog anything all weekend, untill now that is. So, first let me say "Happy birthday" to my friend Dirk, who has his birthday yesterday.

Also I went to the HCC with my father and Tjerk. I didn't have any specific plans for purchase, but I bought an el cheapo digital camera together with my brother, so we've been having some fun with that. Also my dad bought ZooTycoon for me. Isn't that sweet? So after a long period of having hardly any new games, I'm now having to choose between ZooTycoon, Civilization III, Black & White and Settlers IV (the latter 2, I rented from the library last week).

What else... oh, I've finally seen The Hudsucker Proxy, which was one of the last movies of my favourite directors, Joel and Ethan Coen, I still needed to see. I was impressed, where do they come up with those ideas? "You know... for kids." Very good.