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I've had lunch with Tjerk at McDonalds earlier today. Shame the bus takes a different route due to constuction, that take a lot of the time from my lunchbreak. On the way back to the busstop we were stopped by a cameracrew, asking if they could ask use some questions. We deceided to refuse, since time was already running out. I'm still wondering what that was all about though.

I've got some guy from the BVD (Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst - which would roughly be translated as National Security Service) coming round tonight. A friend of mine, Dirk, works for the IT department of the police and has applied for a different job there. But to get it your entire past is checked out, so he had to give a list of friends and relatives to vouch for him. I was on that list. But I hadn't expected a call. But the guy called last night, asking if he could drop by to ask some questions. Sure, I said. I'm very curious about the questions he'll ask. I'll let you know.

I wish it was 17:00 hours already. My head is starting to throb, because of that damn lighting here. Overhead fluorescents really aren't very good for a person.