November 2001


Went to Den Haag with my mom today (I had the day off, you see). Unfortunately it rained most of the day, but we still had a good time. When we got home a surprise was waiting for me, since my package from Large had arrived. Hurah! So now I'm the proud owner of Danzig's first untitled album, Judas Priest with Unleashed in the East, and the Blue Oyster Cult double-CD pack, which contains their albums Cult Classics and Heaven Forbids. So I'm going to play some music now. Bye.


They Rule and now you can see who "They" are.


Just browsing through the Google Blog directory, and vanity caused me to search for myself. I found one result, for "I'm not sure that the design for The Hermit's Tower is supposed to look like it does on a Mac - but it's an enjoyable read, so I'll forgive it quite a lot." I feel special. :-)

Sliding doors

Bit of a theme night yesterday. First I watched Frasier, the episode called Sliding Frasiers, where two different scenarios of Frasier's Valentine's Day take place all dependant on events early in the show. After that I watched the excellent movie Lola Rennt (1998), which has a similar story.

"At home, Lola gets a call from her frightened boyfriend who has lost a large amount of gang money he was smuggling into the country. His only chance of staying alive is if she can get replacement cash to him in twenty minutes. Lola decides to try her father at the bank where he works. But exactly how things will turn out depends crucially, almost to the second, on how she sets off on her errand."

Ofcourse this has gotten my to wonder, what could have been different in my life, dependant not only on the big decisions you make, but also the little ones you make all the time every day. I wonder.


Almost every site is bombarding me with Euro information » for instance Ilse and de Volkskrant.


Just reading some info on VirusAlert about the latest mail virus. I to have been bombarded with mails with only the subject "Re:" and sometimes with an attachment. Why do people create these things. Sigh. Luckily Yahoo webmail filters most of the crap for me.


Wikipedia » a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch.


Yesterday, Tjerk bought the Wrox book 'Professional Apache' » "You will learn from the author's real-world knowledge of Apache's intracacies and quirks, including undocumented information gleaned from the Apache source-code and his administration experience. With this book, you will avoid the pitfalls and do it right first time."

I've flipped through it last night, and I must say, it looks pretty cool. I'll have to have a closer look this weekend. Also I'll try and post some of the pictures I've made with our new camera.

New window

Oh, you may or may not have noticed that all external links in this blog now open in new windows. Better, right?


Moviepooper, if you want to know the end, but don't want to see the movie.

Boogie Nights

Nothing terribly interesting going on today. I've been doing some further work on the new e-Vision website, and I must say, it's going to be good. We've also taken some shots with the digital camera, of the inside and the outside of the building, to decorate the site with.

I've watched Boogie Nights last night, with Mark Wahlberg as Dirk Diggler (excellent name). The movie surprised me, I especially loved the disco scene. Kudos to the choreographer. On the other hand I was very disappointed by Urban Legend, which I've also watched. Not that my expectations were very high, but it did not even live up to those.


I've joined BlogSnob » "It enables you to tell everyone Out There about your blog, thru simple textbased ads." My link is on the bottom at the right side of the screen. Just below the 'Related' header. Cool, huh?


Just in case you're interested, I'm re-reading Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon for the Xth time. That book never gets old. If you haven't already, go and read it.

Post 1006694119

I'm finally able to get online again from home. We've been having some LAN and ISDN problems lately, but that has finally been solved. Unfortunately this also means I wasn't able to blog anything all weekend, untill now that is. So, first let me say "Happy birthday" to my friend Dirk, who has his birthday yesterday.

Also I went to the HCC with my father and Tjerk. I didn't have any specific plans for purchase, but I bought an el cheapo digital camera together with my brother, so we've been having some fun with that. Also my dad bought ZooTycoon for me. Isn't that sweet? So after a long period of having hardly any new games, I'm now having to choose between ZooTycoon, Civilization III, Black & White and Settlers IV (the latter 2, I rented from the library last week).

What else... oh, I've finally seen The Hudsucker Proxy, which was one of the last movies of my favourite directors, Joel and Ethan Coen, I still needed to see. I was impressed, where do they come up with those ideas? "You know... for kids." Very good.

Post 1006514887

I like the idea of the colour contest at I used to love colouring. Strange how some things are so much fun, yet you don't do anymore just because you get older.

I remember one time, in kindergarten, when we had to colour in a picture of Sinterklaas with the boat and everything. I apparently didn't feel like colouring and coloured everything in black (perhaps it was an early vision of my coming Gothic/metal style. Who knows?).

The teacher got really mad and I had to do it over again. So I coloured it completely dark blue. Ofcourse she didn't appreciate that much either, but by then it was time to go home.

Rebell child, that's what I am. ;-)

Post 1006505814

Een irritatie die ik even kwijt wil en dan ga ik eindelijk wat werk verzetten. Ik zat vanochtend ik de bus en las ik de Connexxion advertentie van de bus voor mij. De tekst daarvan was "Deze bus is beter voor het milieu". Het zou aan mij kunnen liggen, maar deze zin klopt voor geen meter. De eerste vraag die bij me op komt is "beter dan wat??" maar daar krijg je dus geen antwoord op. Daarnaast is het nog onzin ook. Hij is niet beter voor het milieu, hij is "minder slecht voor het milieu". Het zou toch immers beter zijn om niet te rijden. Maar goed, dat zijn dan van die dingen waar ik me vrijdagochtend druk om kan maken. Laat me maar even.

Post 1006416594

My parents went to see Yes play live in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam yesterday evening. I can't wait for december 10th, when Opeth will finally play. It has been far too long since I've been to a concert.

Post 1006416495

Finally, the've released the classic Nosferatu The Vampyre on DVD. » "Directed by the great Werner Herzog, the movie is widely recognised as one of the finest films of the vampire genre. A homage to F. W. Murnau's 1922 original, Herzog's Nosferatu is driven towards tragedy and visual splendour rather than the gory bloodfests of later remakes. Herzog`s frequent leading man and eccentric live wire Klaus Kinski (Fitzcarraldo, Aguirre Wrath of God, Cobra Verde) gives a sensational performance as the eerie, goblin-like Dracula."

Post 1006270559

Take a look at the Internet Archive Movie Collection, which features all kind of older movies. You can even find the Duck and Cover movie from 1951. » "Famous Civil Defense film for children in which Bert the Turtle shows what to do in case of atomic attack."

Post 1006247918

I'm designing a template for future websites, which can be used for work. But I've run into some problemen with the CSS Boxmodel. Fortunately I'm not the only one, and is only one of many sites that offers help.

Also, I've had an idea for an article for Alistapart, which I've send in via e-mail. Hope it gets accepted.

I was also reading the W3C whitepaper on the box model in CSS3. I must say, I'm impressed. Especially the feature where you can finally create round corners. That is one of the few things that really bother me. Hope it'll become a standard soon, so the browsers can implement it and I can use it.

Post 1006162938

I'm trying out Sneakemail. "Stop spam with Sneakemail, the anonymizer anti spam service and spam filter." I'll let you know, if it works out.

Post 1006111539

I've done it, I've installed Windows XP. Still have to do a lot of tweaking before I'll be happy, but I'm not disappointed. I've also spend a large part of the day playing Civ III. I'm hooked. Just like I was all those years ago, with Civ I. But I've decided to call it a day and chill on the couch, while I watch "Daar Vliegende Panters" on tv. See you tomorrow.

Post 1006013413

Not much going on today. A typical saturday. Just playing some music, reading some magazines and a few chapters of my book. Watched a bit of the 'Intocht of Sinterklaas' (Sint entering the country) on tv earlier today, as I mentioned this morning. Had an excursion to the local videotheque. We rented Proof of Life and The Watcher (both from 2000). Haven't seen 'em yet, so no judgement. Maybe tomorrow. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the day. Dusk is setting in and I'm going to lounge some more.

Post 1006013025

A few interesting links I've found in the media section of my paper, de Volkskrant, today » First, there is "Is it Fake or Photo?", can you tell? Second, a great source of information is Xrefer, which features dozens of reference titles from the world's leading publishers from art to science, business to technology. And the third and last link I want to mention is Earth Calendar, which is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world.

Post 1005998731

Sinterklaas has arrived. I watched it live on tv, like I have done most years. Excellent tradition.

Post 1005924368

I was thinking of installing Windows XP this weekend. But after reading Windows XP--a hit or a miss? I'm still not convinced. I have my doubts. The question is, will it work with my hardware, and will it not slow things down, like I've heard it does. Hmm. I'll have to think about it.

Post 1005922856

Boredom on a friday afternoon can cause strange actions. I was looking for 'Mirthe' on Google and found loads of stuff. You probably didn't know there is a mention of my name in the poem "Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knyght". » Therfore of face so fere. He stiyghtlez stif in stalle, Ful yghep in that Nw Yghere. Much mirthe he mas withalle.

Post 1005898050

I've had my doubts, but now I'm convinced » I'm going to be okay!

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." - Frank Herbert, "Litany Against Fear", 1965.

Post 1005824741

Pretty impressive, this Reuters Photo. A young Afghan woman shows her face in public for the first time after 5 years of Taliban law in Kabul.

Post 1005812516

Finally » Empire Earth has been released. I need this! Take a look at the review at Gamespy » "In Empire Earth (EE for short) you'll take the reins of a civilization, guiding its people through technological discoveries and times of war. The game spans 14 different epochs, from prehistoric to futuristic, each with its own feel. As in other realtime strategy games, you'll have your citizens harvest raw materials, build buildings, build defenses, and finally create an army to crush your foes. Or your real-life friends, in the case of multiplayer. It's an excellent introduction to the genre for new players and a great leap forward for strategy fans ready for a new challenge."

Post 1005750545

LOL! I just visited the Goth-O-Matic© Poetry Generator. Here is what I created »

Alone in Darkness

The night falls with a silent sigh, cold and alone are we.

The light for which you pine flares once, then dies,

taken by the all-encompassing dark. All hope must surely perish.

Your soul thrives no more. How could you tear us asunder?

Shadows surround us, crying, we have lost our light.

Post 1005748461

This might interest you. A series of articles, entitled Islam and the West » "The next war, they say. Are Muslims and the people of the West doomed to perpetual confrontation? [...] A Muslim crescent curls threatening around the southern and eastern edges of Europe. A new cold war could be on the way. And it may not stop at being a cold war."

Post 1005746923

Guess who wasn't coming to dinner? The campaign against terror has exposed the problems of building a common European foreign policy. » "The pinnacle of absurdity was reached when Wim Kok, the Dutch prime minister, got wind of the dinner and secured a last-minute invitation too, arriving breathlessly 40 minutes into the meal. British beef had never seemed so appetising." Good for your Wim! Show that evil Blair.

Post 1005746863

Early birds get it. Body clocks do not have exact 24-hour cycles. This may not be accidental. » "[...] So keeping an individually tailored schedule can spur efficiency and productivity more than heeding the ticking of the clock."

Post 1005738012

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Post 1005659414

I've had lunch with Tjerk at McDonalds earlier today. Shame the bus takes a different route due to constuction, that take a lot of the time from my lunchbreak. On the way back to the busstop we were stopped by a cameracrew, asking if they could ask use some questions. We deceided to refuse, since time was already running out. I'm still wondering what that was all about though.

I've got some guy from the BVD (Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst - which would roughly be translated as National Security Service) coming round tonight. A friend of mine, Dirk, works for the IT department of the police and has applied for a different job there. But to get it your entire past is checked out, so he had to give a list of friends and relatives to vouch for him. I was on that list. But I hadn't expected a call. But the guy called last night, asking if he could drop by to ask some questions. Sure, I said. I'm very curious about the questions he'll ask. I'll let you know.

I wish it was 17:00 hours already. My head is starting to throb, because of that damn lighting here. Overhead fluorescents really aren't very good for a person.

Post 1005643041

Technology Penetration Report, which is based on a sample of 313784 web sites, the table illustrates the penetration rate of a variety of client side technologies. I was shocked to see that CSS only has 18.53%.


It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions

it is easy in solitude to live after your own

but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd

keeps with perfect, sweetness the independence of solitude.

» Ralph Waldo Emerson «



Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Woman gets life for skinning boyfriend » "Former abattoir worker Katherine Knight stabbed her partner John Price at least 37 times with a butcher's knife, skinned his body, cooked his head and served him up in dishes with nameplates for each of his children." (via Plastic)

Post 1005577814

American Airlines jet crashes in New York » "The plane went down in the Rockways section of the New York City borough of Queens. CNN confirmed the plane was American Airlines Flight 587 from New York to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The plane was a Boeing Airbus A300 [...] At least four houses were on fire, and a huge plume of smoke could be seen rising from the site. All three New York City-area airports -- Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark -- closed after the crash. Mayor Rudy Giuliani declared a Level One emergency, mobilizing all available police, fire and emergency personnel."

Post 1005577190

Apparently another airplane has gone down in New York. But I can't get to CNN. Hang on a moment while I check other sources.

Post 1005575436

I've just added my site to the most popular search engines, using the excellent service of Add Me!. I had done this at my previous domain, but you know how it is online when you move domain. And I noticed in my counter details that the amount of visitors had decreased a lot since the move.


I'm not very at ease with Photoshop, but Dutch site Fotosoep helps me on my way.

Sint maarten

Vandaag is het 11 november, en dus Sint Maarten » "Martinus (316-397) werd geboren in Hongarije en diende in het romeinse leger. Toen hij achttien was, liet hij zich dopen. Hij werd monnik en stichtte in Frankrijk verscheidene kloosters. In 372 werd hij gekozen tot bisschop van Tours. Daar werd hij op 11 november begraven.

Martinus werd om zijn liefdadigheid al spoedig vereerd. Zijn tijdgenoot Sulpicius Severus schreef een leven van de heilige. Daarin wordt verteld hoe Martinus als romeins soldaat voor de poorten van Amiens een bedelaar tegenkwam, die het koud had. Martinus trok zijn zwaard, sneed zijn rode mantel in tweeën en schonk een helft aan de bedelaar. Deze scène is in de beeldende kunst veelvuldig uitgebeeld en wordt in optochten tegenwoordig vaak nagespeeld.

Martinus werd onder andere patroon van de armen en, bij uitbreiding van de kinderen. Op de feestdag van deze heilige werd het gebruikelijk om hen iets te geven. Dit werd nog bevorderd doordat 11 november lange tijd het begin was van de veertig dagen durende vastentijd vóór Driekoningen op 6 januari. Ook volwassenen namen het er deze dag goed van, getuige vermeldingen van het eten van de Sint-Maartensgans."

Post 1005397239

As part of some clever martketing ploy type trickery I can use the WAP features of my phone for free all weekend! However, this offer goes for everybody with the Postbank phone and that seems to be about half the country. So you can imagine how busy it is. The result of all this is that my cunning plan to try out Wapblogger has ended in disappointment. Well, maybe later today or tomorrow. I'll keep on trying.


They're installing Windows 1.01 at Overclocking Opolis. Plenty of screenshots, so have a look and rejoice.


Take a look at the excellent website » "Whether this is a first time look into astrology and numerology or you're a serious novice student, is just right for you. This is a unique site that provides a multitude of easy to understand and very informative astrology and numerology readings and explanations. is truly the equivalent of several free textbooks online."


Just some bits and pieces I wanted to post yesterday, when Blogger wasn't available. First of all, I was pleased to notice that my other site, The Lyrics Archive, is mentioned at the top of Google's Metal Lyrics directory. Then there was an article at ZDnet, entitled Meet the dark side of Windows XP, which I wanted to mention. Also, I have always been fascinated by Breughel's painting "Spreekwoorden" ("Sayings"). There are over 70 different sayings shown. Which you can read about on And last but not least, I wanted to let you know that we have only 8 nights to go before the good old Sinterklaas is back in the country. Hurah!

Post 1005230805

Statik Majik has had a bit of a make-over. Nice. And there is even a link to my modest person in the pull down at the top. Wow. I'm so proud, I could cry!

Post 1005207476

Parrot, the new programming language, which was supposed to be a cross between Perl and Python is an April Fool's Joke. LOL.

Post 1005146681

I'm sure I've blogged about this one before, but it's still an excellent site. So check out HowStuffWorks and "learn how everything works".

Post 1005131485

In the previously mentioned MS page on CSS and IE6, I read that they changed the canvas. Previously this was the body element. Now it's the HTML element. Thanks a lot. Who makes these decisions? I just don't get it. Now I have to take another close look at my stylesheet to make sure it works properly in IE6, but still works the same in IE5. And all the other browsers ofcourse. Sigh.

Post 1005123532

Last night, I watched the new BBC program, called Blood of the Vikings, about the influence of the Vikings on Great Britain. Very interesting. I wonder what their influence on my country is/was.


I've inserted Rammstein's latest, Mutter, into my CD-Rom. If I hear Kylie Minogue on the radio one more time, I'll swear I'll start screaming. Why don't they play more different songs on that damn Yorin FM. I mean, how many times can you play the same 5 songs over and over and over untill you're completely insane. I just don't get it. Why do people actually listen to that muck?


Python 101 » "I'm going to take you on a guided tour of this powerful programming language, and demonstrate some of its capabilities to you. I'll be covering everything you need to know to get started with Python, from using the command-line and understanding Python's data structures, to trapping errors and writing your own Python modules." Nice!

Post 1005058920

Cool site of the moment » For instance you could check out their file on Lizzie Borden. It's very interesting. And here's a little nursery rhyme, to get you in the proper mood.

"Lizzie Borden took an axe

And gave her mother forty whacks.

And when she saw what she had done,

She gave her father forty-one."

Post 1005048128

Damn! The Opeth concert I was going to go to on Thursday had been rescheduled one again. This time to monday December 10th. And I was so looking forward to it. Sigh.

Post 1005037182

Weblogs and the News. "Where News, Journalism and Weblogs Intersect". It's a nice collection of links to all kinds of articles. Check it out.

Post 1005036541

A big "Thank you" to Matt at Yaysoft! » "When updated their format to make it so that in order for sites to be listed they must 'ping' them, I just had to whip up a nice little PHP script for Yaysoft. Being the nice guy that I am, I figured I'd make this little script freely available to all those PHP using Webloggers out there."


Are You A Blogaholic? » "44 points is in the 21 through 50 precent

You are a casual weblogger. You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you'd post a little more often, you'd make your readers very happy."


I've finally updated my user information for my BlogHop account, so now you can all vote on this blog once more.

Post 1004953045

Cisco has an interesting Interview with Linus Torvalds today » "Torvalds: To get where Bill Gates is today, he needed to be the business guy who knew about technology. I was the technology guy who had no clue about business." (via Slashdot)


I'm beginning to feel it (RSI) in my shoulders again. Damn. But I did get me a natural keyboard, so that's an improvement. It just takes a bit of time to get into the perfect seating arrangement. Adjusting my monitor and chair and things will help alot.


I've passed my exam! Hurah! [sigh of relief] I am so happy!


Inspired by the approaching winter, I searched and found a poem, especially for you. It's simply entitled, "Winter". Here we go »

"Autumn winds are dying

As winter rears its head.

Soon the land will sleep again

In the silence of the dead.

The gray sky seems a blanket.

The golden trees now bare;

Their branches reach out to the sky

To grasp the misty air.

Dark browns replace the orange

And grays replace the blue

Soon snow will change this landscape

As the spiral dance holds true

The silence will be welcomed

By a solitary crow.

An eerie song of mystery

That few will ever know.

For winter keeps its secrets,

The ones not hard to hide.

The answer's all around us,

But the question sleeps inside."

Post 1004880171

I've added a few more styles to the Change style page on this site. The most recent addition is called 'Storm' and features a very beautiful photo on the left-hand side of the screen. I really love it. I just with I remember where I got it from, because it has been on my harddisk for quite some time now, and I would like to credit the author. So if you know, share the information.


The New York Marathon is being held today. For some reason marathon footage on television always makes me thing of one of my favourite books of all time, The Long Walk, by Stephen King. "In the near future, a young boy has been one of 100 selected to take the Long Walk--a deadly contest of endurance and determination, in which each step can literally be your last. Follow the contestants' tortured footsteps as they struggle with each other, and themselves, to survive the race."

7 women

How names are in our genes » "[...] As a result, Sykes has been able to trace the webs of family links back to seven women, whom he calls the founding mothers of Europe. He has named them Ursula, who lived in Greece 45,000 years ago; Xania, Ukraine 25,000 years ago; Helena, from South-west France 20,000 years ago; Velda, from northern Spain 17,000 years ago; Tara, from northern Italy 17,000 years ago; Katrine, from eastern Italy 15,000 years ago; and Jasmine, from Syria 10,000 years ago." I wonder from whom I am a descendant.


I'm hooked on Zoo Tycoon. Unfortunately I've only got the demo version. Shame the real thing is quite expensive.


Waiting for Windows XP » "Our tests of the multitasking capabilities of Windows XP and Windows 2000 demonstrated that under the same heavy load on identical hardware, Windows 2000 significantly outperformed Windows XP. In the most extreme scenario, our Windows XP system took nearly twice as long to complete a workload as did the Windows 2000 client." (via Tweakers)


Who needs a skill, when you can use a wizard? Sigh.

Post 1004691981

I'm downloading Trillian, a chat program, which currently supports AOL IM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, IRC, and Yahoo! Messenger. I hope it works, because I have both a Yahoo Messenger and an ICQ account, like so many of us do. And that really isn't very practical.


In case you might be interested » I'm reading The Singing Sword (Camulod Chronicles, No 2) by Jack Whyte. "Two Romans, Publius Varrus and Caius Britannicus, stay on to fight for their colony, which is on the brink of destruction for the first time in four hundred years, and out of their bravery emerges a new nation and a new people."


Amazon: Linux saved us millions » "Online retailer Amazon shaved millions of dollars from its technology costs last quarter by switching to the Linux operating system, a disclosure that could provide some guidance for other companies seeking to cut expenses in a stagnant economy."

Post 1004628645

Berners Lee: WWW royalties considered harmful » "WWW creator Tim Berners Lee has given his strongest hint yet that the W3C organization he created ought to shun the idea of accepting royalty-bearing patents as web standards. He also acknowledges that the move could lead to the fragmentation of the Web."

Post 1004605975

[...] a library that would store not just documents like old newspapers that are normally preserved, but a sampling of everything that has ever been posted on the World Wide Web » the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. (via ZDnet)

Post 1004605812

Ik word een beetje moe van al die Amerikaanse feestdagen die ons door de Nederlandse commercie door de strot worden geduwd. Eerst al die vervelende kerstman die onze geweldige Sinterklaas naar een treurige tweede plaats verdrijft en nu steeds meer en meer Halloween. Ik bedoel, wij hebben toch Sint Maarten? Vier dat dan. Is er iets mis met onze eigen tradities? Ik snap het echt niet hoor. Hebben we allemaal een minderwaardigheidsgevoel van heb ik jou daar, dat we ons zo aan de kanten laten zetten op het moment dat er iets 'beters' voorbij komt? Kom op mensen!

30% Goth

How Goth are You? » I'm 30% Goth. "Goth by night, normal by day. Deep in your heart you know you're evil, but not on the company's time. You do need to eat."