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As you may have noticed, since I'm posting again, I'm done with the exam. Hurah! And I have to say I'm actually quite positive. So fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Because I have such a lousy connection to Utrecht with the bus and train, I was over 45 minutes early on the central station. To kill some time I checked out the latest books at the Bruna store. It's Tolkien everywhere. Special edition after special edition. Quite scary and commercial. Anyhow, I also wandered through the Free Record Shop, which ironically isn't free at all but one of the countries most expensive record store, when I found the video for Absolutely Fabulous' Last Shout movie. The only parts of the show I hadn't gotten on tape yet. It as only fl.14 so I couldn't really resist. All in all, a good day. Also, I didn't have to wait for eons at the busstop on my way back, since my mum was kind enough to pick met up from Alphen Station. Nice eh?