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I'm not doing much today. I'll be starting work on monday again and I've got on of my 2 remaining exams the monday after that, so you'd think I'd be eager to get to it. But I can't get myself to sort out my books and dive into it. That never worked for me, I need some time presure. So I'm sure I'll be panicking next week. But I'll cross that bridge when I'm there. My brother is suffering from the flu, in a way that only guys appear to be able to do. Selfpity is king. Or something. Anyhoo, I'm eating all the fruit I can find, so I have some vitamins to fight off the evil influenza with. It would really suck to get sick now, with work and my exam and everything. Sigh. Life can be hard. But I shouldn't complain. Atleast I'm not being bombed like all those people I see on CNN every day.