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Apparently I'm a Practical Pump. Just so you know. From - Which Shoe Fits You? »

Skim latte and 20 minutes of that morning show: this sounds like how you might start your days if you're a Practical Pump. Maybe it's that you're the kind of person who looks put together - whether in jeans, an ultrahip suit, or a drop-dead dress. Or perhaps it's just that when you look good, you project a stronger sense of who you are. People take your ideas more seriously and think of you as a leader when it comes to everything from the boardroom to the barstool. You can be independent without being Gloria Steinem. Even in a chunky heel you can pull off a delicate spaghetti strap camisole with no problem. So straight-laced isn't necessarily your MO. You make that perfectly clear when you're feeling a little devilish. Whatever your take on looks and life, it's very clear that you never go out of style."