Post 1002205492

Finally! I can use the LAN to connect to the Internet again. For some bizar reason BlackIce thought it necesary to cut me off from the pipeline. It was so trivial I didn't even think of checking it when I noticed things weren't working anymore. Untill I finally did, out of pure despair.

Sigh. Don't you just love computers. After all these years, I still feel sometimes that I haven't learned a single thing.

Anyhoo, I've been doing some minor things to this site. Added a couple of links to some cliques on the main page and I've also placed links to blogs I like at the bottom of my blog page. There are some other things I've done offline, but I haven't uploaded them yet. One of these things is an article on Fusebox, which I'm trying to delve into. The same goes for Linux. I am now using the latest RedHat. And I must say, after reading a lot of articles and books and things and tweaking it to fit my needs, it is finally growing on me. Also I can get online with it. Which helps a lot. So who knows, maybe in a little while I can finally move on from the horror that is Windows. I don't know. I first have to find ColdFusion Studio for Linux. I have been thinking about it, and that is one of the few programs I really can't do without.

Well, I'd better get on with things. And I have to go offline. My dad will probably already want to kill me, when he checks this months phone bill. ;-)