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Took the What's Your Movie Mood Tonight? test at "Your edgy mood is setting you up for a Suspense movie. Get ready to prime that adrenaline pump with the unbearable tension and uneasy mystery that only a trip to life's seedy underworld can offer. Spies and double-crossings are standard fare. But you need to ask yourself, what's your taste in villains? There's the otherworldly evil of What Lies Beneath or The Sixth Sense. But if you prefer more earthbound bad guys, try thrillers like Psycho or Silence of the Lambs. For a sure thing, you can always count on Hitchcock for a nail-biting flick. Best of all, if you've got someone special nearby, suspense makes for a great date movie: held in each other's arms, you can wonder if everything will work out ok on that silver screen. Now, dim the lights and get ready for a great evening's entertainment." Now I'd better get offline. Sigh.