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Finally the weather has changed. It has been over 30° Celcius since thursday night, both outside and in my room. The heat really didn't go anywhere. I hate it when that happens. Sleeping is nearly impossible, you can't go anywhere because you'll start sweating and you have difficulty thinking. But fortunately the rain and thunder have finally arrived from Britain. I was watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which I had taped earlier this week. (By the way, as I was checking the IMDb for the link, I found info on Terminator 3. Did you know they were making that? Because I didn't.) My curtains were open, after being closed for most of the day in a vain attempt to keep it cool (which, ofcourse, didn't work). But I have a rather big window on the first floor and I could see the lightningbolt strike above the houses across the streets. The sky had gone all dark in about fifteen minutes. A very cool thing to watch. I can only imagine how the people in the days of old most have felt, when they were dealing with similar weather and didn't have such safe environments as we do today.