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I've just joined Freedom2Surf. I'm not that unhappy with Geocities, but that ad is really starting to annoy me. Also, they don't support any sort of cool language, like PHP or even SSI. And that makes it quite hard to create cool features. F2S offers the following with their free service » "20 Mbytes Web Space; Frontpage 2000 extensions; Advanced PHP4 scripting; Perl cgi scripting; Webalizer website statistics; Website Search Engine; Password Protected Web Areas; Website Management Interface; MySQL Database Engine; PostgreSQL Database Engine". And that is a lot! I'm not quite convinced yet. Not sure how stable their service is. And it is a lot of work having to move all the files and redirect all the secundairy functionalities, like search engines, counters, blogger, and loads more. I'm going to have to think about it.