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I was talking to Tjerk on Yahoo! Messenger this morning and he suggested at about 12:15 that we could do lunch together at the McDonalds. What an excellent idea for the tuesdayafternoon. So I agreed and took the bus at 12:32. We met at the central station and walked to the Mac from there.

Afterwards I took the bus back to work and was back at my desk at 13:43. A bit of a long lunch, but I deserved it. Atleast that's whay I think. ;-) So now I'm back at my desk, working on my report again. I've had it with the thing, but I'm not quite there yet. It'll happen. The main elements are there, the strucure is good. So I'm rather positive. All in all a quite successfull day.

Also, I got an e-mail from Marko Saarelainen from Statik Majik, which I blogged about yesterday. He thanked me for the compliments and in return complimented me on my site. Isn't it great how blogging, a completely solitary act, puts you in contact with complete strangers. Absolutely wonderful.