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I'm totally addicted to the excellent BBC drama "Hearts and Bones" (2000), of which I've seen the first season on the BBC last year. I'm currently watching those episodes on monday nights on the Dutch network. I'm also watching the new episodes of the second season on the BBC on thursday nights. Just so you know what my life is like. ;-)

Anyhow, it's a "seven-part on-hour drama which explores the lives, loves and careers of a group of friends from Coventry who all move to London. Emma is in a seven year relationship with Mark Rose, with whom she has a son Sam. She marries him although she loves his brother Rich - a butcher. Rich lives with his girlfriend Louise who is a hairdresser but he finds the temptation of a dalliance with Emma hard to resist especially when his relationship with Louise comes under strain when Louise's mother becomes ill. Also there is Emma's best pal Amanda who's single since splitting up with her investment banker boyfriend Michael; Romance novel writer Sinead is besotted with Mark but turns to the Internet for love when he marries Rose and Rich and Mark's younger brother Robbie who comes to London for the wedding and stays to pursue his hobbies of beer and women."