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Like the idea of Ageless, an overview of websites, sorted by the owners birthday. Ofcourse I mailed. Hope to be included someday.

I've got an e-mail from Tjerk a few hours ago. Everything is okay. No crashed in the Amazon or anything. ;-) It's cold over there, he's got a view of the snow on the Andes. And I'm wearing a t-shirt. I'm very jealous. Sigh.

Also, my parents came back from holiday yesterday. They had a good time, entered their usual end-of-holiday-cleaning-frenzy. I decided to leave 'em to it and withdraw into the garden with my book. But everything appears to be getting back to normal now and we're going to celebrate all the safe returns with a meal at the Greek Restaurant tonight. Yummie!

As I mentioned yesterday, my phone has arrived. I just love playing with gadgets like that. Although a phone is not really a gadget these days, but what the heck. I've been scrolling through the menu like crazy, setting alarms, ringtones, voicemail, SMS, and loads of other stuff. I've been working on activating the banking features aswell, but the network was a bit busy today, so I couldn't get that activated yet. But I will.