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Wow, I've been rather busy this week. I haven't even had any time today to post something meaningful. The reason for all this is that I finally took the time to continue writing on my report. I'm adding some theory to my practical experience at the moment. I'm already on 60 pages, even though I have very little 'real' content. Most are all kinds of models and overviews and screenshots. But I've finally gotten my hierarchy in order and have a good idea what I need to add or change. So that's good. I'm just getting very irritaed by that damn Word. It has already crashed a few times on me today. Why is it that the biggest word processor on the market today, Word, can't handle big documents? I just don't get it. I've actually been thinking about doing the whole thing in XHTML. That way I can atleast control everything. The only thing that worries me is that I have to hand in four printed versions in the end of my asignment. So if anybody has any experience with things like page-breaks and header and footers, please let me know. Better get back to work. See you.